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Junk Car Boys is quickly becoming a household name.  We are expanding and we are doing it faster then ever and we want you to jump on this train.  We are paying out the most money we ever have and the only way it can go is up.  Every year you don’t hop along for the ride is another year you are missing out on the craze.

The company began in Brush Prairie WA by two brother’s realizing the industry needs something fresh and new.  They junked their cars a couple times with other junk car places but quickly realized there was no customer service, no character with these other places.  They decided that they wanted to not only start a business dealing with junk cars, but do it better.

After starting JCB they quickly incorporated customer service, making it a number one priority, to offer a great service to their customers.  Our reviews show what we are worth, because we rely heavily on other peoples thoughts of us.  If you are known to be true to your word, people will respect that.

If you are looking for a premier company that offers the best customer service in the Portland, OR area.  You need to call JCB today to get your free quote.  The other great thing is if you don’t want to call us on the phone because you don’t have time, fill out the online form and one of our professionals will be getting back to you to get you your quote.

Thank You So Much!

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